Margherita Paleari is a visionary, utopian thinker and workaholic, hands-on doer. She studied Communication Design at Polytechnic University of Milan, at UIAH in Helsinki, and at KISD in Cologne.
Yesterday: Intern at Molotro, designer at Zetalab, co-founder of La Tigre.
Now: consultant – for Moleskine, Venchi, Armani, Mercedes, smaller companies, design agencies and private clients – teacher, project leader and lecturer at Domus Academy and at Polytechnic University of Milan and co-founder of a series of design collectives and initiatives, such as UNA, Dozen Design and Mamarocket.

Valentina Folli is a passionate art director and strategic design consultant with an “all around design approach”, combining strategic, product and spatial design with branding and communication.